Effective Communication Techniques for Teachers

 26 / 11 / 2014  1852  0 Cours diplômants
Communication in classrooms is more complex and unpredictable than in many other situations. As a teacher, understanding the unique features and functions of communication in the classroom is very important. This free online course will help you to discover these functions, and how they impact on each individual in the classroom. It will teach you how classroom communication serves a mixture of three purposes at once: content talk, procedural talk, and behavior control talk. Learn how to recognize different elements of communication, not only the verbal but also the non-verbal and the unintended. Understand that to be effective in non-verbal communication you should know how to measure the correct eye-contact length, social distance and wait time. This online course will teach you about the register in a classroom and how to use it in a way that is most beneficial to students’ thinking. Discover the four main structures of participation in teaching, how they influence communication, and some of the the advantages and disadvantages to each. This online course will be of great interest to teachers who wish to improve their communication within the learning environment.
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